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One of the best and in fact the easiest method for gaining a good presence on Google is adding your business to add me to search. Regardless of where you live, the Add Me to Search option can prompt you to make a people card for completing the search.

You only need a good device that comes with easy access to the internet along with the web and app activity being turned on in the account settings. The Add me to Google search card works as a virtual business card that shows in Google when a name is looked up.

In this blog, we will mention a step-by-step guide to creating a Google people card and add me to search in google


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What is a Google People Card?

Attracting a good presence in the search results can be pretty difficult. This is all the more for people who are not famous or even share their names with other people. It can be challenging for most searchers to look for information on a specific person if there is no tangible online presence.

With the add me to search card, Google wishes to overcome some challenges with people cards. Mostly, the people cards are for business professionals, entrepreneurs, job hunters, influencers, performers, freelancers, or just about anyone looking to grow their online presence.

A people card on the other hand can include a website link, social profile links, and other important information that you wish people understand. When you look up a name and they have a people card, you are likely to see a module with their name as well, a location, and a profession. This module can be tapped to see the full card.

What Do You Need to Create a Google Search Card?

It is easy to create a good presence on Google Search by forming a people card. You can also submit a card with useful information so that people can look for you and discover the card on Google Search results.

All that is required is a good mobile browser or the Google Search app, a personal Google account, and web and app activity to be turned on.

Steps to Create a People Card

There is no guarantee that the card will be seen on Google Search. The more information that you offer on the card, the more likely it is to show up in the search results.

Step 1: The first and the most important step for creating an add me to search card Google is by entering a query so that you can see the option for creating a people card at the top of a screen.

Step 2: The second step is to fill in the information. You can tap on the button to get started and you will see the fields such as Name, Location, About, and Job. Under these fields, there will also be a section of information that you can include if you wish to.

Remember that these fields are optional, you can fill in as much information as you wish. Google also allows you to add links to social profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Mostly, you will be able to enter important information easily. However, there are two exceptions, and that is your phone number and email. Google usually populates these fields using the information that is there in your Google account.

There is no need to change these details on your people card without changing the Google account. You can also choose to never display the fields completely in case you prefer not to reveal your personal phone number or your email.

Step 3: Once you have filled in the fields, the last thing that is left for you to do is to see the card way before it can go live so that the add me to search option is successful.

After you are satisfied with the way your card looks, you can save it so that it gets indexed in search results. In order to get clarity of how it looks in the search results, you only have to look up your name. This is it.

Remember that the Add me to Search Google card is only visible to searchers in countries such as Kenya, South Africa, India, Nigeria, etc. Until now, Google has not indicated if the features will be introduced to other countries or not. However, if you set it up now, you will likely be ready for a wide rollout.

Anyone who is located outside the country has easily been able to set up their own people cards with the use of a VPN.

General Guidelines to Remember for People Card

You can enable most people to look for and distinguish you from so many others when they look up your name on a search engine such as Google. Some guidelines that you must remember for people cards are mentioned below.

👉 Make sure that you include information about yourself. In case you submit content that is not about yourself and what you do then it is a possibility that Google might remove the people card.

👉 You can also form the people card with purposeful suggestions for the fields including your profession and hometown. In case you think that these suggestions do not fit then you can also add some free text.

👉 The information must be kept up to date. If this is not maintained then Google will stop showing the card because of the fact that it has not been updated and verified for long.

Keep in mind that if Google finds content that violates the terms and conditions then everyone is asked to change it. There is going to be a message on the card with important steps that must be taken for changing the content and for appealing the decision.

If you do this repeatedly then your attempts may be limited and your access to the service may also be canceled.

Content Guidelines to Remember for People Card

The content on the people card must follow some guidelines. They are mentioned below.

1. Representation of Your Goals

The content that you use for add me to search should always be a true representation of all that you are and what you are doing. Try to use the name that others can enter when they are looking for you. Also, keep in mind that the profile picture is easily recognizable, and make sure that you do not pretend to mislead someone.

The card should never make others believe that you are someone else or you represent an organization.

2. Zero Advertisement

The content should also not contain any solicitation or advertisement. You should not use words such as “top”, “best”, “only”, etc.

3. No Negative Statements

You should also ensure that the people card does not include any comparative, derogatory, or even negative statements about anything. There must be no negativity around any individual or a topic. This also includes the employers and other companies that you belong to. They should also not be described beyond any affiliations.

4. Appropriate Language

The content should not promote violence, hate, or unlawful behavior. You must avoid using profane language that does not support the wrong sides.

5. Respecting Others

The content should also respect the rights of others including privacy rights and intellectual property. You must also never use images or text that you do not wish to use.

Google uses algorithms to find any kind of false and wrong content. At about any given time, your card can get temporarily and even permanently disabled while being subject to review.

Significance of Add Me to Search

According to what has been mentioned already, you can create an effective business card as a Google profile card so that your reach expands and your visibility increases. There is a significant benefit added to Add Me to Search option. Using this feature, you can build public information panel for showing up when someone searches your name.

Google Search also allows you to differ from high-profile individuals who have the same name as you. This way there is no confusion. The add me to search card Google also helps in personal branding by increasing your search engine visibility. It offers searchers an updated email address and phone number so that they can easily connect with your brand.

Creating a Google people card also enables you to promote a brand, or an organization and even work in search results. You can easily highlight the social media profiles and websites while offering to provide the searchers with multiple options for getting more information on you, your contacts, interests, etc. Finally, you might also attract leads from search results.


If your goal is to be found on Google search then you must create a people card so that you can fill in important information and even submit it for approval. This way, more and more people can look for you and also see your people card.

What’s important to remember is that the more information you enter for Google add me to search, the better will be your chances of getting a card shown. In case it does not show up even after many hours then you can also try editing while adding in some details. The Google people card is an excellent way to show personal branding. It is simple, free, and easy as well.