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A chiropractic marketing strategy is the most efficient way to expand your chiropractic practice and start targeting new patients on your first day of business. 

Word-of-mouth referrals, local SEO, and email campaigns are among the most effective chiropractic marketing strategies. Chiropractors who want to successfully advertise their practice should develop an effective chiropractic marketing strategy. 

An efficient chiropractic marketing strategy will increase the reputation of your practice and increase the productivity of your business by generating more appointments.

Prepare to boost your chiropractic marketing strategy. To improve your chiropractic business’s marketing and branding and for new clients in 2023, we’ve written some top-notch chiropractic marketing strategies that you should think about.

Where should you market your practice?

Affordable marketing options are available for all sizes of practices. If you’re just starting out, concentrate on marketing platforms that increase acknowledgment. Start with tools that assist you develop client relationships if you’ve been in business for a long. You can utilize the following digital marketing tools.

1. SEO

SEO for chiropractors raises your practice’s ranking in search results. You can conduct keyword research to start. Consider what words and phrases clients would use to reach your practice in a search engine. This can range from “chiropractor near me” to “walk-in chiropractor.”

2. Search Engine Marketing

Another option for getting your site to the top of search engines is to pay for it. Google, Yahoo, and Bing all provide pay-per-click (PPC) ads that you can utilize to get your firm to the top of search results. 

You will only be charged for the clicks you receive, and you can specify your chosen budget range. Your listing will display at the top of the search results with an ad tag.

3. Social Networking Sites

Sharing helpful content on social media allows you to interact with current and potential customers. Use hashtags to make your messages easier to find online and create engaging posts that are relevant to your customer base.

Top 10 Chiropractic Marketing Strategies to Try in 2023

Consider the following  chiropractic marketing strategy to help you expand your practice and stay ahead of the competition:

1. Automate email messaging

The first and foremost chiropractic marketing strategy is Automatic email messaging. You don’t have to spend a lot of time making unique follow-up emails for each of your clients. Make a series of automated emails that will be sent in various circumstances. 

These can include greetings for subscribers to your newsletter, reminders for appointments, and even wishes for happy birthdays.

2. Ads on social media

Utilizing social media advertising to boost engagement by using sponsored posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is the next chiropractic marketing strategy. You can place your sponsored posts on social media into the feeds of users who might be interested in your services.

Manage your ads using your company’s Facebook account. Select your target audience and a format, such as a picture, a video, or a carousel of several images. 

Make your ad next. You may check how many people clicked over to your site using the analytics dashboard when it has run.

3. Message retargeting

Potential customers may occasionally visit your website, begin to make an appointment, and then leave. You may encourage people to visit your website again using retargeting messages. 

“Still interested in making an appointment?” is a question you can program into a pop-up window or an automated email. There should be a link in this email that links users to your scheduling tool.

4. Add a pixel to your website

By including a pixel, you can collect user information from website visitors in another chiropractic marketing strategy. A pixel is a little piece of code that enables you to collect data from visitors to your website. 

It aids in your target audience comprehension so that you may target the appropriate demographics with your advertisements.

5. User-generated content

Your audience is more likely to share your posts when you provide high-quality content. Add hashtags to your blog articles, videos, and photographs descriptions to make sharing easier can be a useful chiropractic marketing strategy. 

Additionally, people may link back to your website from your article or blog post and quote you in their writing, introducing you to their audience. User-generated content is the best way to get direct and organic traffic for your chiropractic business website.

6. Client testimonials

People frequently examine reviews and ratings while looking for a new healthcare provider. Asking people to rate and comment on your practice using your email list could be a valuable chiropractic marketing strategy.

Request reviews from your clients on Google, social networking sites, and other websites. Customer references boost your SEO and increase the visibility of your website.

7. Optimize your website

Improve the search engine ranking factors and mobile-friendliness of your website to boost your clients. Smartphones and other mobile devices are often used by potential clients in your area for looking out healthcare providers.

If your website is challenging to use on these devices, you could lose customers to a rival whose website is easier to use.

Start by using automated tools you may find online to perform an SEO inspection on your website. Take note of the suggested adjustments and make them in your text. Next, evaluate the user interface of your website to ensure that it is simple to use.

8. Start a referral program

The best form of advertising and useful chiropractic marketing strategy is still word of mouth, even in a world that is largely digital. Create a marketing campaign for your present consumers. 

For each successful referral they make, give them a discount or some other reward. After the referred patient’s first appointment, you can use the discount.


Knowing how competitive the market is, promoting your chiropractic business can be tricky. 

However, if you are able to implement and maximize the use of a chiropractic marketing strategy that is tailored to your objectives, it will undoubtedly benefit your practice in terms of long-term growth. Simply remember the tips and best practices we’ve provided, and you’ll be on the right track!