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The prime goal of a website is to attract traffic. With more traffic, it becomes easier to convert visitors into loyal customers. The audience becomes aware of the brand while making the most out of a buyer’s journey. Hence, traffic is always welcome on a website.

That said, there must be enough clarity on where the traffic is coming from and to get that clarity, the difference between direct vs organic traffic must be clear. Knowing the origin of traffic guides you to build marketing strategies. It also helps you gain better insight into what the leads may be interested in.

There is a clear difference between direct vs organic traffic. Direct traffic refers to all users who type their website into a URL and organic traffic refers to users who find a website through a search engine.

In this blog, we will delve into the details of direct and organic traffic to get a better understanding of how to attract it to a website.

What is Direct Traffic?

Direct traffic is known as the total number of visits with no reference. Whenever a visitor follows a certain link from one website to another one, the origin is called the referrer. Commonly, these websites can be social media, blogs, search engines, and sometimes other websites.

Direct traffic is made up of visitors who need to go through the main page to access a business. When it comes to direct vs organic traffic, this is an important metric to have for viewing the lifetime value of customers. It fails to show the number of direct traffic leads that visit a website.

Essentially, it can be said that direct traffic is when someone makes a URL search of the website from the web browser. There are multiple analytics tools that classify the traffic as direct and some of the missing code, bookmark, HTTP, following a link from a document, etc.

How to Attract Direct Traffic?

Direct traffic is one of the prime indicators of gaining authority on the internet. Anytime a website attracts good traffic, the search engines understand its popularity and also help it to be known as domain authority.

When it comes to direct vs organic traffic, the challenge with direct traffic is that the analytics tool should be able to figure out where the visitor is coming from. At other times though, direct traffic can also be a result of someone typing a URL into the web browser because a website has been bookmarked.

For attracting direct traffic, the below-mentioned steps can be taken.

1. User-friendly Website: Make sure that your website is user-friendly and that all the content on it is updated so that it becomes easy to navigate. This is how customers will get what they are looking for while not having a hard time navigating through a website.

2. Easy URL: While choosing a website URL, make sure that you choose a simple option. This is a rule that can be used for web pages as well. A short URL will be easy for customers to remember and it will also increase direct traffic.

3. Improve Customer Retention: Instead of getting new leads, you can focus on customer retention. This improves brand awareness. A loyal client is more than likely to type your URL into a web browser.

4. Increase Brand Enhancement: You are highly likely to attract more traffic in case your customer knows your brand. In case you are a leader in your niche then the customers will not look you up and they might come directly.

What is Organic Traffic?

As opposed to direct traffic, organic traffic is the primary channel that inbound marketing strives to increase. When it comes to direct vs organic traffic, organic traffic is the total number of visitors that usually come from a search engine such as Google. This never includes paid ads but that also does not mean that organic traffic is not affected by paid search.

Organic traffic is increased by paid searches, offline campaigns, display ads, and many more things while the campaigns are running. Mostly, organic traffic is driven by SEO. The more you are able to rank for competitive keywords, the more organic traffic a website will be able to enjoy.

The websites that create content streamlined for search are likely to see an increase in the organic search along with an improved positioning in results. When you are into digital marketing, it becomes important to look at the keywords for identifying new SEO opportunities.

How to Attract Organic Traffic?

All business owners should understand that organic traffic is the center of a website’s success. It can either build or break a business. In fact, over 49% of marketers report that organic search has the best ROI of any marketing channel. Hence, it becomes important to take the help of search engines for finding solutions to problems. 

In case you offer products and services that customers are looking for then you have a good chance of getting a lead. In addition, there are many other reasons why it is necessary to focus on organic traffic. It helps in attracting an extremely loyal customer base, qualified leads, improved conversion rates, return on investment, and scalable results.

Organic traffic is something that can be attracted directly from most search engines including Google. It is necessary that you are seen in the organic search results for attracting traffic. This is an aspect of digital marketing that is focused on SEO completely.

To attract organic traffic, hire an SEO agency. Professional consultants use various methods, with keyword research being key to improving SERP rankings.

Organic Traffic Vs Direct Traffic – What is Better?

Many people wonder what is better between organic traffic and direct traffic. The right answer to this is that it completely depends on your business and the goals you have set to achieve.

To attract new leads and boost sales, focus on increasing organic traffic. For brand awareness and customer retention, prioritize direct traffic.


If you own a website then it is important to know the difference between direct vs organic traffic. Once you have clarity on the purpose of direct and organic traffic, you will be able to attract it easily. A major share of your direct traffic is from loyal customers who know your brand.

You can offer them easy navigation and retain them as well. This will help in gaining authority easily. In case you are unsure or figuring out about the kind of traffic you must be focusing on then Ranking Chief can help you. SEO professionals can solve all your website traffic problems while increasing the number of website sites.