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Do you wish to grow a plumbing business?

If your answer is a yes then here is the deal. We want you to first understand that digital marketing is extremely important for your business.

Deciding to hire an SEO company for designing a digital marketing plan can work wonders for your business.

An average of 69% of marketers used SEO in the year 2021. This figure should tell you the power that digital marketing techniques potentially hold for taking your business to the top.

Your plumbing business can potentially attract many customers if you use digital marketing to improve sales performance.

Digital marketing includes many tips that can help you grow a plumbing business.

In this blog, we will list them one by one so that you can get better clarity on this topic and take actions that help your business grow.

10 Essential Tips On How to Grow a Plumbing Business

1. Google Listing

One of the many tactics that are adopted by business owners who are looking to grow their business is getting themselves listed on Google.

In case you have not done this already, it is now time for you to claim your free Google My Business listing. This will help many potential customers find your services on Google.

This step of claiming your free Google My Business listing can be a good start to growing plumbing business.

Your account on Google My Business will attract visitors and it will also prompt them to take your business and services.

Make sure that you focus on your contact information, brand logo, services areas, service hours, customer reviews, and photos. All these factors make your Google My Business account attractive.

2. Email Marketing

As opposed to what many may think, email marketing is an effective method to keep your business at the top.

This is a method that will make many customers use your services down the road.

If you wish to make this method work to grow a plumbing business then remember to do the following.

  • Remember to include relevant call to action buttons.
  • Always remind your customers about recommended maintenance services.
  • Share useful plumbing tips and techniques to create value.

3. Google Ads

You can also advertise your services with Google Ads. If you happen to take a small business SEO package then this will probably be included in your package. These ads can help you reach your customers when they are looking for you.

There are two kinds of ads:

  • Search Ads: These ads come at the top of Google’s search result page and include a headline, description, and a URL. They send a user to your website for learning more or requesting a service. Investing in search ads will ensure that your business comes in front of emergency or installation customers. This way, your business will get more leads.
  • Local Service Ads: The local service ads also come at the top of Google results. If you wish to grow a plumbing business in a specific area then you can use these ads for targeting customers.

4. Lead Generation Websites

You can list your business on many relevant lead generation websites. This will make sure that you are in front of your customers who are looking for your services.

One of the best things about these platforms is that they have an in build digital marketing strategy that can benefit your business. Keep bidding on the jobs you want to do and send quotes to customers.

What’s more, these sites can also be used to collect customer reviews and for improving your brand reputation. The harder you work, the more you rise in popularity.

5. Rebuild Your Website

You can easily grow a plumbing business if you just focus enough on rebuilding your website suitably. Remember your website is your business card and your identity in front of the world.

Do the following to build your website and make sure that you keep the following factors in mind.

  • Your contact information, business name, and logo are mentioned properly.
  • Your service hours and location information is mentioned.
  • Mention the number of services you provide.
  • Include why your business is different
  • Add a button to request services easily.
  • Add some before and after photos.

6. Use Search Engine Optimization

The search engine ranking factor plays a significant role in growing any business.

Over 50% of marketers say keyword rankings and organic traffic are the top ways they measure success.

While doing SEO regularly, make sure that you keep these factors in mind.

  • Remember to make your business name, location, and contact information visible on all pages.
  • Add keywords to the content of your website so that the website can rank easily. Think from the customer’s perspective and use keywords accordingly.
  • Use SEO tools to understand the performance of your website.

7. Social Media

If you wish to grow a plumbing business effectively then a good presence on social media is important. Your customers use social media platforms day in and day out. By building a social media presence, you will be able to reach out to them easily.

In case you have started your business recently then remember to set up your business pages on social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Once you have set up all the accounts, optimize the pages by including important information about the business. Also mention more about your team, before and after of your services, and customer reviews.

8. Customer Reviews

You have to understand that before a customer decides to take your services, they need to rely on your business. So you should be focused on getting as many positive reviews as possible.

Getting good customer reviews can help you immensely to grow a plumbing business. You can promote these reviews by featuring them in the form of testimonials, social media posts, and marketing materials.

Remember that reading an online review can offer a customer the confidence that is needed to work with you and improve your website’s reach. The positive reviews also improve your website’s visibility.

9. Share Valuable Content

There is nothing quite like creating and sharing good content for getting more customers. Educating your customers is an excellent digital marketing strategy that wins their trust and good reviews.

It is a good decision to include this point in the average cost of SEO for small businesses. You can hire professional services that create interesting, valuable, and shareable content. This will place you as an industry expert and it will keep your services at the top.

Begin by writing a list of all topics that you are known for. After this, you can also choose whether you want to write a blog, post a video or address the subject matter.

10. Growth Marketing

Another effective to grow a plumbing business, growth marketing is focused on attracting, engaging, and retaining customers. It focuses on relentless experimentation along with an emphasis on challenging the motives and preferences of customers.

You can build and deliver tailored and individualized messaging aligned to the customer’s needs. In addition, you can also optimize your organization’s needs quickly with various channels and specifically the ones that matter to your customers.

Summing Up

It does not matter if you are just starting your business or you are already running one for some time now.

Online marketing can get you the success that you deserve.

You can grow a plumbing business and also get many prospective customers with digital marketing tools.