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If you are doing SEO then you must wonder often about how to achieve the best results?

Well, the answer to do this is to make sure that Google recognizes your website as an authority in your niche.

If you know a little about SEO then you would know that authority sites get better advantages and quick rankings when compared to new websites. However, building an authority site takes multiple years and this is why an SEO silo structure is important.

In case you are thinking about what Silo structure is and how you can implement it to outrank authority sites then this guide is just for you.

Let us begin without any further ado.

What is SEO Silos Structure?

Each website needs some kind of structure. Based on the kind of website that you are running, it is possible that you may or may not want to map out a structure in advance. SEO Silo structure is about organizing a website in categories and subcategories so that Google crawlers can determine the importance of each post.

An SEO silo structure is important if you wish to outrank authority sites and can be implemented without any problem. The more pages a website has, the more difficult it will be to implement a good architecture.

Siloing alone isn’t everything for rankings, but without it, the on-page relevance battle is lost.

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Examples of SEO Silos Structure

To understand the SEO Silo structure better, let us use an example. Imagine that there is a website that offers SEO services. If the website is run by SEO experts, it is likely that they will structure the website including different categories.

It is also likely that you will find categories including, SEO, PPC, Webinars, etc. Now when you click on these categories, you will see that all-important articles related to a category will come. This way, this website is going to get site links for the categories that it is writing on.

Since the website follows a structure, most of its Silos will be displayed at the website level. This is the beauty of structuring a website using Silos with purposeful categories.

Benefits of SEO  Silo Structure

1. Google Indexing

Most search engines like Google index pages by following one link to another. If a page is re-indexed then Google updates its database. If you do not have a good SEO silo structure then Google will find it difficult to understand the pages.

A structured website can help search engines understand and index a website better. In case you create a silo that only has content about link building then Google will understand that you have authority. The better your silo is, the better your authority will be in the eyes of algorithms.

2. User Experience

Ensuring that your website has a good SEO Silo structure also ensures that it offers a good user experience. This in turn leads to boosting the ranking of your website considerably.

Remember that if people spend more time on your website then that means that your content is helping them. A good website structure can improve the engagement metrics and boost your rankings considerably.

3. Improved Engagement

SEO Silo structure leads to better engagement. It helps you with two things including information architecture which is also about organizing your content in a better way for providing a better experience.

The SEO silo structure also helps in organizing content the right way for providing better crawling ability to the search engine tools. This factor leads to better user engagement which is always good for the website.

4. Organic Rankings

The most important reason why SEO consultants focus on SEO silo structure is that it helps in improving the search engine ranking.

It helps in organizing the content in a structured way so that the search crawlers understand what your site is all about while getting your pages ranked.

5. Organized Layout

If you are looking to get your website ranked then you must understand that an SEO silo structure will lead to an organized layout. It is also not something that is new.

Rather, an SEO silo structure has been leading to better UX for many prominent websites on the internet. The experienced SEO consultants implement it for this reason only.

Putting SEO Silo Structure into Practice

Now that the fundamentals of SEO Silo structure have been covered, it is time to understand some strategies that will give more clarity and make this easy. For putting an SEO silo structure into practice, a detailed strategy is needed.

We will lay down that strategy below.

1. Keyword Research

The SEO silo structure must have a main page that you wish to get ranked. This is a cornerstone topic from your niche that has a lot of traffic anyway. You must do some keyword research to find the main topic.

Do not limit yourself by not going for a keyword that had greater difficulty to be found. Even if you do not get that traffic keyword, you will win many subtopics. For all the secondary content on the website, choose keywords that have lower competition. This will ensure small wins.

Go after questions that have lesser keywords difficult because it is easy to rank them. Think of your silo as a combination. The more links and traffic your silo gets, the better it becomes regardless of the fact that is the main source. The small queries have a tendency to boost your silo while also increasing your chances of ranking high for the main keyword.

2. URL Structure

For maximizing the ranking changes, you must opt for a URL structure that is simple and effective. This is important when you are trying to get the SEO silo structure in order.

There is no need for category tags in the URL because you can use a virtual silo. It is important to include your article keyword in the URL rather than the full article title.

3. Content Planning

There are multiple things that can be planned ahead of time when building a silo structure for SEO. The first aspect of this is to figure out the main silo page for clarity. The secondary posts can be planned in a way that they support the primary ones.

Find some easy to rank and win topics with dedicated keyword research. You can come up with titles and content topics for all of them. This will help in getting better results while allowing you to know what you need to write next.

Remember that the first link of each article should lead to the main page of the silo. This will also give better attraction to the other content as the order of links also matters.

Summing Up

By now, we understand that an SEO Silo structure is a good way of building a solid architecture and improving a website’s SEO. It is one of the best and proven ways to outrank authority sites because it allows you to plan ahead of time and act accordingly. All the tips that are mentioned above can help you have a better structure that can easily make you rank better.