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One of the most prevalent fixes that most marketers find themselves in is getting confused about the aspects that they are supposed to focus on. This confusion stands between backlinks and content.

Some digital marketers think that the truth about backlinks is that good content attracts traffic and conversions. On the other hand, there are some marketers who focus on link building more than anything.

There are many professional companies that provide the best SEO services that help in optimizing a website or the ads for search engines. However, if you find yourself stuck thinking about whether content quality matters or that of the backlinks then there are some aspects that you can focus on.

In this blog, we will find the truth about backlinks while also trying to understand what matters more, the quality of links or the quantity?

What are Backlinks?

In case a website is supposed to get ranked for some keywords then it should be having a good domain authority. This comes from link building. That said, the quality of links must be kept in mind more than the number of links.

Even one high-quality link means a lot more than many others from low-quality sources. Too many links from subpar sources can easily harm a website. The truth about backlinks is that there are many factors that affect the credibility of a backlink including a referring webpage and the overall number of links on a page.

A link from a well-made page can end up having better authority as compared to a link that comes from a weak page. Even the links that come from a page with too many other links can have lesser value as compared to the one with only one link on it.

What is Link Building?

The process of creating or achieving links to a page, website, and piece of content is called link building. As one of the best SEO trends, this can be done by adding links from another website or page by requesting the owners of other websites for links.

Most search engines depend on the links to find a website’s authority and where it is supposed to rank in the results. This is why link building is offered as one of the best SEO services by companies. In multiple cases, a website can need the links to rank well and it can be difficult to achieve this without knowledge and experience.

Link building can be considered link earning which also means that links are given to websites almost naturally with minimal outreach. Commonly, link building is used for content pieces that can attract links easily. The focus must be less on manual link building and more on creating content that can attract links without extra help.

Why is Link Quality More Important than Quantity?

At the time when the internet was in its early phases, most search engines ranked on the basis of the content published on web pages. However, with the introduction of new and advanced algorithms by Google, most search engines started looking for valuable links. The truth about backlinks is that search engines are highly focused on link quality and not just quantity.

It can be helpful to look at it this way. In case the link quantity was more important than the quality then it would have been easy for most websites to build multiple links on websites. This was done commonly in the past but now search engines such as Google punish websites that make this mistake.

There are two major factors that determine link quality. They are mentioned below.

Page Authority

The primary determinant of quality is called page authority and that means the authority of the page that gets linked to your site. In case you wish that your website must be found online then you should allow the links from authoritative pages to pass power to your site.

Domain Authority

The common links that come from well-known sources are a lot more powerful than blogs that have no name at all. Hence, it can be a good practice to check the domain authority of your website and that of your competitor as well.

Even one link from a good website or another high-quality resource can offer great value as compared to multiple links from sources that are not credible. When a search engine such as Google relies on a website from which you have been linked, it will trust that link as well. A good link works as a seal of approval.

How Do Backlinks Help With SEO?

Link building is a total of actions that increase the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage while increasing search rankings, building site authority, and attracting more traffic. The truth about backlinks is that it is possible to add inbound or backlinks for your website so that Google can know that your content has credibility.

Experience SEO services agencies work on building backlinks with guest posts, visual content, customer reviews, etc. The backlinks are based on content marketing and are an important part of the SEO strategy as well. They are actually included in the SEO cost calculator.

Search engines such as Google offer authority to websites that have good quality backlinks at the time of the organic search. The more a website is able to attract backlinks, the easier it becomes for websites to get ranked. Therefore, link building is important for ensuring online visibility.

The truth about backlinks is that they are extremely important for SEO. They enable Google to understand that the content has credibility for other people to link it on a website. The links can add great value to the content and also make it higher in the SERPs.

It can be all the more helpful when most websites with older domain links to content attach more value to old domains as compared to the new ones. All in all, backlinks empower the content and they also add extra credibility that is extremely useful from the perspective of SEO. The idea is to focus on link quality as compared to quantity.

Final Words

Good quality content makes a difference in converting traffic in a remarkable way. Moreover, it also helps in ranking for some keywords that cannot be associated with backlinks otherwise.

When you focus on good quality backlinking, you will be able to ensure that people come to your website and recognize your content as valuable. Next time when you are considering taking your SEO game up a notch, make sure that you focus on link building.