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SEO is one of the best methods used by many businesses for ranking higher on search engines. It is actually the thing that drives many businesses ahead in times such as these. Without a well-defined SEO strategy, no business can thrive and one of the most important aspects of search engine ranking factors is local SEO.

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Local SEO is also known as Map SEO many times. It is the branch of SEO that allows many medium and small-sized businesses to grow. It is an SEO strategy that has gained popularity only recently. Figuring out the local SEO cost can help you easily target the public in an area.

For instance, you own a dessert parlor. Now if you wish for the people in your area to search for a “Dessert parlor near me” then your business would be seen at the top of the listing if you have optimized it well.

How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

The right answer to this question depends on many factors. Regardless of whether your business relies on phone calls from local customers or foot traffic, you must be well-known locally.

As for the pricing is concerned then something to note here is that a lot of things go into determining the cost of a local SEO campaign for a business. On average, it starts from $350 to $400 each month and can go higher depending on the needs of a project, the experience of the SEO consultant, and other things.

The overall price that you pay for local search optimization campaigns depends on the budget and a long-term marketing strategy. Local SEO services cost hourly, project-based, and monthly rates, all requiring investment. Consider various factors when deciding on pricing.

Hourly$14 to $25
Project-Based $1000 to $5000
Monthly $500 to $2000

Factors That Determine Local SEO Cost:

The local SEO cost is dependent on a city, your business needs, and the competition. It is an investment because it is a kind of internet marketing that helps you rank better in Maps while driving more traffic to a physical store.

There are multiple factors that are responsible for pricing the local SEO strategy. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Total Website Pages

Ensure your website has at least one page dedicated entirely to a specific location. As opposed to any other pages, the cost of local SEO is focused on regional keywords linked back to products and services. All the locally optimized pages cost a fixed amount per page.

2. Citations

Search engines connect a business to its customers by using citations. The citations are very important for local map optimization and one must expect to pay a certain amount per month for a local SEO professional for building and maintain citation listings.

3. Local Links

SEO for local businesses must include a process of building links from organizations and sources in a local area. Local SEO costs depend on each link built, with most campaigns including 4-6 links.

4. Google My Business

A key part of local SEO is setting up and maintaining a GMB listing monthly. Expect to pay a fixed amount for a consultant to manage your GMB account.

5. SEO Reporting

There is a need for monthly reporting to understand what a local search optimization campaign does for a business. You can pay a fixed minimum amount per month to have a professional offer you a detailed SEO report every month.

6. Content Marketing

A website requires good content regularly because that answers many questions that the customers inquire about on the internet. You can pay a fixed amount for every post. If you work with a professional SEO consultant then you can expect that to be added to the small business SEO packages. You can easily optimize posts to rank for local search queries.

These factors provide an overview of the essential aspects and individual costs involved in creating a successful local SEO campaign. However, the local SEO silo structure also counts a lot. It must be unique because the local SEO consultants need to consider many different factors while pricing the campaigns.

All in all, the SEO cost calculator reflects many factors on the local market and the overall cost goes up when you work in a large city or an area where you have a lot of competition in your region, and when you wish to promote many products and services with local SEO.

If your business is based in a large city and you specialize in offering many products and services then you will be needed to implement many other things too. As it is evident, there are many factors needed to consider while keeping the costs of local SEO in mind. You must understand the importance of hiring a trained SEO professional while keeping the local SEO services cost in mind.

The overall blogs, links, and other citations that a business needs every month can vary and an SEO company can easily explain the costs and the steps needed to achieve your goals.


Factoring in local SEO cost is crucial for business development. To attract more business, invest in a well-planned SEO campaign with quality content, citations, and links for effective local SEO optimization.

If you run a business, try to find an expert SEO agency that has wide experience in offering the best services and the best small business SEO packages. Keep in mind that with more experience, the capability of an SEO consultant increases and so does that person’s ability to offer better services.

Avoid low prices, as they can compromise services and long-term results. Focus on availing of the best services from a capable SEO consultant.