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If you have a law firm then you would know the importance of a website and take steps that make it rank too. An easy way to increase your law firm’s ranking is by getting your law firm listed on Google Maps. That is one of the most important aspects of local SEO Services for law firms.

Anytime when law firms appear on Google Maps, most people viewing the map understand that these businesses operate at close distances to them. This leads a user to pick up their phones and call law firms which further helps to improve sales performance.

For getting a law firm listed on a platform such as Google Maps, it is important to create a Google My Business Listing account, ensure that the website is also aligned with the listing, and build citations for the firm.

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10 Growth Tips of Local SEO Services for Law Firms

In this blog, we will see a detailed explanation of local SEO services for law firms and 10 growth tips to rank higher on Google Maps. This will help you get a much better idea of what must be done to grow on Google Maps.

1. Get Listed on Google My Business

To start with, you will have to submit your business to Google My Business. In case your business is new, sign up on Google, put in your business name, and follow all the prompts that have been asked of you.

On the other hand, if your business is not new then Google will ask you if the business name it has on the file is yours or not. In case it is then you just have to follow the instructions for claiming your listing and in case not then things will be different.

Claiming the listing and verifying a new one will be simple. You can choose Google to send a postcard to the business address with a verification code and you can also receive the code via text or call.

2. Make Sure Listing Is Complete

You must ensure that the GMB listing is complete. With local SEO for law firms, this is possible. You will be able to attract more business on Google Maps only when you have a complete and precise GMB listing and the more information you include in the listing, the quicker it will become to get ranked.

To ensure that your law firm ranks higher on Google Maps, make sure that the listing also has important information. It should include the phone number of the law firm, website address, hours of operation, business description, images, reviews from customers, Q & A, etc.

3. Add Images

Make sure that you add high quality and extremely optimized pictures that also include the company’s logo and other important information. When you upload high-quality images to the Google Maps listing, the platform actually assumes that you are active and you also care for your customers.

The power of technology continues to evolve each passing day which is why a platform such as Google analyzes precisely and also shows a business in local results. Add and optimize images can come in the small business SEO package and it can be one of the best ways to improve local SEO for law firms.

Other than supporting the SEO process, the images also appeal to the customers. They help them to understand if a place is likely to meet the expectations or not. In addition, good photos can also help in gaining an edge in the market.

4. Optimize the Website

Always ensure your website optimizes for local search by prominently featuring your name, address, and phone number on both the website and contact page.

In addition, make sure that you also embed the GMB map location on a rather visible section of the website. Ensure that the information matches the GMB listing to avoid sending mixed signals to Google.

5. Build Citations

The local SEO for law firms involves building citations more than anything. Building citations include building profiles on each business directory that you can possibly find.

The more citations that you have, the higher you will be able to rank in the local search. You can proceed to build as many profiles as you want. It is definitely a time-consuming process but there is no doubt that building citations are worth your time.

It is always best to hire a professional agency that offers expert SEO services. You can include this in the SEO cost calculator as well.  

6. Update Your Location

There is something that many people do not people know and that is the fact that you can change your location settings to be broad. You can update your location so that it appeals to a service area as opposed to displaying an address.

Updating your location is an important part of local SEO for law firms. You can widen your scope for visibility on the maps by choosing a service area. In case you wish to rank locally then you must use your address. Also, note that the address will not appear in the listing if you choose a service area.

7. Get More Reviews

This is a rather complex stage because you will never have complete control over the comments of your customers. However, it is always worth taking the risk as the total number of reviews affects the position of a business in Google Maps.

Google gives a lot of importance to suggesting businesses that can seriously help their users. When you look at the quantity and the average number of reviews then you will identify good firms.

Encourage everyone you’ve worked with to add reviews to your listing. Implement processes to ask fee-paying clients for reviews once their case is finalized.

8. Structured Data

When it comes to ranking higher even on the Google My Business platform, the SEO silo structure plays an important role. You can make important elements such as dates, addresses, prices, and sizes.

Structuring the data makes your Google Maps listing a lot more precise. To display your logo, address, and telephone number directly in search results, follow a structured approach to achieve this goal.

9. Be Active

Google Maps, to a large extent, resembles other commonly used social platforms. This is something that also means that it is easy to publish posts so that they appear next to your listing as well.

When you are preparing the ranking, Google records everything in your activity and also rewards the companies that take a proactive approach. In addition, the posts also attract the interest of the customers, and their attention, and encourage them to come to a website.

10 Adding Local Keywords

Targeting your website for local keywords automatically increases your chances of appearing in top positions for those keywords. This also helps in ranking higher on Google Maps and coming there in the search results.

The local SEO for law firms helps in suturing the homepage, products and services, service subpages, and even the contact page with location-based keywords. You can create a FAQ section where you can mention the address, activity scope, industry, and popular questions. This will allow more and more people to come to your website and know more.


While considering local SEO, you must focus on creating a Google My Business listing which will soon become visible on Google Maps. This is something that does not require much work and does not even incur additional costs.

Being seen in the first position on Google Maps offers immense advantages. All the tips mentioned above will make it easy for you to not just improve the position of a business but will also help in attracting new customers.